Authentic Ceylon Tea – emanating divine charm and intricate legacies since 1867

Owing to dedicated expertise, technology as well as the heritage of over 200 years’ worth of achievements in the arena of tea on a global level, pure Ceylon Tea has now risen to be a household name the world over. From scrumptious aromas to rich hues, the array of delectable flavours presented by various different forms of teas are a treat to young and old alike, with the added perk of a range of health benefits.

So how did tea really receive its breakthrough in Sri Lanka, eventually accounting as the country’s prominent source of Foreign Exchange, while also being one of the world’s leading exporters of the beverage? This goes back all the way to 1867, when James Taylor, a Scottish tea planter planted the very first commercial tea plant. The popularity of the tea industry soared thereafter, as leading machinery companies such as John Walker & Co. and Marshall, Sons & Co. helped introduce tea processing equipment furthermore.


The most popular variant out of all types of Ceylon Tea, Black Teas present strong, crisp and sometimes mildly astringent flavours depending on the type of leaf that is brewed, the altitude in which it has been grown and harvested, and if there are two or more different kinds of leaves blended into the final product. Liquors of grades range from darkest (dark brown) to lightest (light orange), thereby depicting the strength, aroma and flavour of the tea.


Presenting a woody, earthy flavour and aroma, Ceylonese Green Tea bears a prominently darker hue than that of its traditional Chinese and Japanese counterparts, where Green Teas such as Chunmee feature lighter colours and a more nutty taste to the tongue. Rich in flavonoids that aid in reducing free radicals in the body, Ceylon Green Tea is considered as the elixir of life by many who are health conscious, are looking to lose weight or achieve clearer, younger looking skin.


As today’s population gains more awareness about the benefits of consuming food and beverage that has been grown 100% organically and without the use of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, Ceylon Tea being at the pinnacle of the world Tea market as it is today has therefore ventured into growing and harvesting superior quality tea with utmost care and compassion, in turn rendering the need for synthetic growth enhancers obsolete while divulging the most delightful cup of 100% Organic Tea.

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